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he Lemi soft sliding corner elements are designed to solve one of the main problems of modern kitchens: wasted space

Soft sliding corner by Lemi

Storage Idea that make the difference

The Lemi soft sliding corner elements are designed to solve one of the main problems of modern kitchens: wasted space. Thanks to their meticulously designed structure, they can make use of every corner, every shelf, and every cabinet, creating a neat and well-organized kitchen environment.

Functionality without Compromise

Our soft sliding corner elements are designed to offer functionality, practicality, and aesthetics. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, we are able to provide products that seamlessly integrate with any kitchen style and design. We understand how important it is for installers to provide efficient and high-quality solutions to their clients, and for this reason, we are committed to offering products that meet these needs. Our extractable elements are made with durable and long-lasting materials, capable of supporting the weight of the contained items and resisting daily wear and tear.

Sliding Corner

Minimal geometric lines for the new extractable corner base mechanism by Lemi, designed to meet the needs of kitchens often set in “living” spaces that require emotionally satisfying and formally linear lines. Always attentive to design developments, Lemi collaborates with designers to find increasingly advanced solutions. The new mechanism, which enriches the company’s collection of proposals, has containment elements made of painted steel or resin and is available in the most current finishes. Kitchens integrated in the living area often have limited spaces, which require increasing containment and maximizing storage function; the Lemi system allows for complete and efficient use of space inside the cabinet, it is easy and quick to install, and is durable and reliable over time. The same idea is the foundation for the corner under-sink waste bin system. Lemi’s waste bin system for recycling is specifically designed to be inserted under corner sinks.


The mechanism for corner base and column units is designed for those who appreciate rationality in the kitchen but also want an emotional touch. It can be installed in any corner base or column unit at any time, even in an already installed kitchen. The installation time is very short, no more than 3 minutes. The exclusive rotating extraction group, which is particularly compact, allows for full use of the space inside the unit, even in height, while the almost total extraction of the baskets allows easy access to all products. The design and construction quality, as well as the reliability of the components used, which Lemi customers already know well, result in 60,000 operating cycles with a load capacity of 25kg per basket. In this case too, thanks to the considerable range of options available, the product can be easily configured for any kitchen environment.

Modular Idea

It is a product, developed based on a new concept, that allows furnishing bases and columns using the same modules, simply by overlapping them. In practice, one module will be used for the base, two for the half column, and three for the tall column. Through appropriate connections, it will be possible to choose which modules to extract when opening the door. Equally new is the sliding system, entrusted to guides positioned on the sides. This way, problems due to deformation of the bottom of the furniture, which can occur after a certain number of operating cycles in the case of a traditional column with a central guide, are avoided. Available starting from 30 cm wide bases and columns.

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